Norwood Design Billable Services:


Meetings (web, phone, in person) and travel time
  – All meetings after the initial creative kick-off meeting are billable
 Goal of initial meeting to gather information for the Creative Brief, including but not limited to:
    project description/format, contact information of all stakeholders, audience, competitors, tone,
    message, visuals, timeline, budget


  – Research of client’s competitors, industry or products

  – Initial rough layouts used to get feedback and ensure the project moves according to plan

Graphic Design
  – Layouts
  – Images searches and purchasing of images
  – Font searches and purchasing of fonts

  – Costs associated with creating hard copy mockups (if needed)

  – Revisions

Production: file prep and deliverables

Note: Specifics, such as number of initial designs and number of rounds of revisions are determined
on a project-by-project basis and will be detailed in the proposal/contract.


Additional costs:

• Extensive revisions after the initial concept is approved are considered “author's alterations” and
   will be charged on an hourly basis. Extremely extensive revisions that change the nature of the
   project may require a new contract.

Getting printer quotes/estimates and researching paper stock are not services typically offered,
   but may be negotiated if needed. (Purchasing of printing or stock is not a service offered by
   Norwood Design.)